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Who should win next Delhi elections (2020)?

After the Lok Sabha Elections (General Elections) in India just proved astonishing support to existing NDA and Modi government, next major one shall be just months from now. It's Delhi Elections 2020. It's national capital and it's been base for rising third front (AAP) for last 5-6 years. But general election showed significant decline in AAPs vote shares too and even push them to third place after BJP and Congress.
Though the works of AAP govt. (especially in health and education) are applauded across the nation and even in some international forum, do you think people of Delhi shall keep believing in AAP or shall got with Central govt. mandate?

over 3 years ago
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AAP (Aam Aadmi Party)
over 3 years ago
I am rooting for Arvind for he has stats in his report card.

Current govt. has been doing so so much, despite overall economy etc. of India.
1) Health:
Mohalla clinic model even studied by UNICEF.
Free accident treatment.
Free treatment in private hospitals if instruments not available in govt. hospitals.
More beds in hospitals.

2) Education:
Better results and passing percentages.
Different education experiments like happiness curriculum etc.
So many new schools and renovation of existing buildings.

3) Transport:
DTC and Metro subsides for students, women etc.
More than 1000 new buses.
Student pass in AC buses too.

4) Bridges and Flyovers
Signature bridge completion.
One outer ring road overhead corridor completion.
Dabari-Mor Janakpuri overhead completion etc.

5) Cheap water and electricity
6) Metro stations have wifi now
7) Finally the govt. starting to conserve Yamuna water in monsoon to handle in summers.
8) Rs 1 crore compensation to martyrs
9) Trying to control pollution
10) Delhi GDP rose and collected more Tax despite financial instability on central level.

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Congress (or INC i.e. Indian National Congress)
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BJP (Bhartiya Janata Party)
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