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Who do you see as a strong and credible Opposition to current Indian Govt. and party BJP in near future?

As we have seen for last 2 elections in India, opposition had been diminishing at a rapid speed in India and current party BJP which is also more of majoritarian party is everyones choice.

One of the main reasons for that is Lack of "credible" Opposition. Indian National Congress (INC) has been leader for decades, but is dying for last a decade because of its push on Nepotism despite current leader Rahul Gandhi not seen as qualified enough face by Indian population. Last decades corruptions and appeasement politics were also the reasons behind its downfall.

Amidst of the this new parties and leaders have emerged which kinda shows promises for the future, but are still small to make some impact.

And for a good nice working Democracy an working Opposition is a must. Otherwise it can easily be converted into "Elected Autocracy"

Sachin Mudgal
over 2 years ago
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AAP (Aam Aadmi Party)
Sachin Mudgal
over 2 years ago
AAP is seen a promising future candidate for me at least

AAP has won last 3 consecutive State elections of Delhi. Party has also shown some significant work in Education and Health sector. And is also experimenting with socialist ideas like Free Public Transport etc.

Also, I am rooting it because the leaders in party seems Educated at the very least. That's the least I want from a party of future. I do have a bit of reservations on Power centre of AAP revolving around one person Arvind Kejriwal. But to be very honest, most of times it's about choosing the lesser evil.

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United Front of Small/Regional Parties
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