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Which is best partying website?

I want to hangout on weekends but it's boring to go to club every now and then. Is there any website which gives you random themed parties options?

Sachin Mudgal
11 months ago
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Tilak Raj
11 months ago
MyScoot (

If you are more into casual partying with Strangers, then this is the right place for you.
As their tagline also says "Unstranger yourself", you get to meet and interact with a number of strangers and have a blast among them.
They have themed parties mostly depending on season (like Halloween theme happening right now).
Also, they claim to have a 5 tier verification system to keep creeps at bay.
PS: I myself have attended 2 events from them and it was fun.

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Joker - 11 months ago
If you are talking about MyScoot, then Playace ( is another one I have heard of. Have no experience with any of those yet though.

11 months ago
No specific platform yet to show clubbing options

As of now, I haven't found any specific website or app to show reliable clubbing options near me.

Googling (in India) shows a couple of website "TravelTriangle", "Kittysu" and that's it. And they also doesn't seem to be right options.

If anyone finds some, please recommend to me too!

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