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Messi vs Ronaldo. Let the battle begin.

We know the battle is never going to settle with one final winner. But we see Messi is again in the news because of his exit intentions from Barcelona, why not use this moment to stat him a bit again with Ronaldo.

Sachin Mudgal
almost 2 years ago
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Christiano Ronaldo
almost 2 years ago
Hustle beats talent

There is no question Lionel Messi is the most naturally gifted ballplayer in the history of the game. However, I would still choose CR7 over Messi any given day. Here are my reasons

1. A winner everywhere - CR7 won with United, with Los Blancos, with Juve, and with the Portugal national team (Euro 2016) whereas Messi's trophy cabinet is exclusively filled with spoils from Barca.

2. Adapting to Change - It's mind-boggling how CR7 transformed himself from a quick-footed winger to a straight inside the box number 9 and he won 4 CL trophies while doing so. He adapted to the English long balls compared from the highly physical Porto system, he adapted to the Spanish creative football he adapted to the defensive Serie A. For me CR7 responds to change better than Messi does

3. The measure of a champion is seen in defeats - I often saw Messi leaving the ground with his head bowed down, after drawing an uninspiring and frustrated figure in the ground during the course of the time when Argentina and Barca failures. CR7 is a stark contrast when it comes to handling loss. He goes out with his head held high after giving his 100% and trying into the very last minute. I find that very inspiring

4. Mighty in the box, Mighty in the air - How often do you see Messi scoring goals with his head? It's fair to say that he makes up for that with his feet but it sure is nice for a coach to have have more options to shape your game around a player

All the comparisons aside, both are phenomenal players and I consider myself lucky to have born in an era where I could enjoy both Messi and Ronaldo in their prime. Thank god for that

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