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Can UN interfere in amendment of Article 370?

Pakistan has raised issue of amendment of Article 370 in UN. Does UN have right to interfere in same?

about 1 year ago
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12 months ago

YES and NO | Depends if it wants to or not

UN can of course interfere in such moves, especially when this type of things happen in a disputed area and affecting masses.

It can start with scheduling a discussion session on this topic and then, based on votes of then member nations, might "recommend" Indian to either change it or put it back.

In extreme cases, if India doesn't follow the recommendations, it can order internal or external sanctions on India like lending money from World Bank etc.
Also, like I said, in very extreme case it can order to send UN Peace Keeping Forces in that area as well.
Other member/concerned nations can also put individual sanctions in India and pull off their diplomatic and trade ties (like Pakistan as done already).

Now the thing is "Do they really want to?"
India is already handling this situation diplomatically enough that it is not visible any extreme concern outside India (even within India not many people outside J&K state knows about actual situation other there)
And with good enough booming ties with US and already good relations with Russia, India have enough control in UN. Only China is a concerning state it is direct and indirect stakeholder in this issue (direct as China allegedly illegally occupied part of J&K state as Aksai Chin and indirectly as an all-weather ally of Pakistan)

Let's see how it goes.

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