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What we are? is a discussion platform which goes beyond simple questions-answers platform. It helps you organise responses and discussions under contexts, prespectives and categories.

What is the vision?

Vision of is to solve or at least diminish "First Impression Influence" problem in internet. Psychology has been telling us since ages that general world population is innocent enough to get influenced by the first-impression it sees. But when this problem comes to “Internet”, the effect is far significant (if not worse) as it’s directly influencing mass-results, of which Brexit, US-election mendling issue, Indian general elections (2014), Indian Hindu-Muslim communal uprising, etc. are some significant of all other examples.

Are you launched?

We haven't lauched the platform with full functionality. We just launched the website as beta-platform to get public feedbacks and responses. So you may see things behaving weirdly or in some cases not behaving at all. Please report such occurences at [email protected] (until we ready a fancy contact-us feedback form :D )


  • At, one can visit and read all public content without needing to create an account.
  • But one need to create a user account to create new content like spaces, questions, contexts, answers or comments or react to existing content like upvoting or downvoting.


Spaces are private groups. Sometimes you don't want your discussion to go public. You can then create a "Space" and add users in space and keep your discussion private (or public too if you want to).

Contact Us

If you have any query meanwhile, visit our contact us page.