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About vaadit
What made us start it?

In single sentence, it's the current state of social media over internet which made us do this. To prove you that we would like you to summarize it below in a few points:

  • A village boy of 14 years in India can't avoid to get into social media. He sees people fighting over religion or technology or human-rights or anything. He's not educated enough to understand whole of the fight, but innocent enough to get influenced by first impression (of comments or posts or answers etc.) he sees.
  • A 21 year old nursing student in England is not master enough to understand the implications of a possible Brexit, but is influenceable enough to make his mindset seeing first impressions (of comments or posts or answers etc.) showing partial figures or mis-figures.
  • A question asking for a suggestion for new car is seen having tons of answers supporting different perspectives, but hardly any user would care to go beyond first and second impressions (which tend to be majoritian's perspective).
  • We can keep giving examples how first-impression-influence and social-media-bubble hit you...

Thus we came to solve it partially at the very least, by improving first impressions. That's the whole idea behind this. Let's see where you people take it to.

What's with the name?

"vaadit" or "वादित" is a word from Sanskrit langauage. It's one of the forms of verb "vaad" (वाद) which means "conversation" in Sanskrit. So vaadit literally translates to "being talked or discussed (during course of a meeting, brainstorming etc.)"

Are you launched?

We are currently in beta, until you guys actually gives us a go-ahead to actually be painted as "launched" :)