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Is India at the verge of a Civil War?

Sunday, 05 Jan 2020 4:00 PM
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You might be wondering that for a country which has been touting about its strongest, largest democracy for last 75 years, and now all of a sudden, phrases like "Civil War" is being used against it. On that I would like to simply put that "it's NOT all of a sudden"

Despite being the largest successful democracy for decades, India has witnessed its own demons from time to time, be it wars against pakistan, invasion of Goa, libration of Bangladesh, Emergency by then PM Indira Gandhi, military intervention in Sri Lanka, or a number of communal riots between hindu and muslim wings.

But what's different now?

The notable differences now, which I could comprehend with my limited knowledge, are:

  • India have had a proper secular governments for 60+ years, which just changed recently. Current govt., which may be considered as political wing of RSS (Indian Pro-Hindutva Organisation), has openly shown itself as a pro-hindu one.
  • Before, major incidents like wars or riots used to happen in significant intervals of time. Maybe like 1 or 2 such events every decades. But in recent years, such eventful occurrences could be witness significantly frequently. 2 riots, countless cases of communal lynching, 2 surgical strikes into Pakistan, Fighter Jets dog fight, 2 nuclear nations at verge of war, removal of J&K region autonomy, abrogation of article 370, and now Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Registry for Citizenship (NRC). All this has happened within mere 6 years of time period.

But how does all that define a Civil War situation?

If you had asked me same 6 months ago, I would be having any answer. But in last 6 months, situation has changed drastically. In this whole eventful decade, like every other right wing govt. is doing currently, all these govt. actions/decision were targeted to:

  • play majoritarian politics (India has more than 75% of Hindu population, keep appeasing them and keep winning)
  • fill a sense of extreme nationalism and religionism (if that's a word!)

And it all this has been working completely as planned by current govt. and the party in power i.e. Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) which literally translates to Indian People's Party, and its head planner, current Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah.

But all this started to change just after winning latest general elections in June. It's then when BJP had started to pitch its CAA and NRC policies. Now this was all planned though, this in some sense gave a sense of existential crisis to Indian Muslims and they made a law which selectively excludes foreign muslims to give citizenship but not other religions. First selectively exclusion on citizenship based on religion.

But as they say, major events are not a result of just one thing, instead cumulative responses of multiple actions done a the same time. And these action were:

  • Govt. dissolved J&K assembly and using Presidents powers removed autonomy of J&K. State has been in media black out with even no SMS and internet services even now, after 4 months of all this. Collective dissent started there only.
  • Govt. planned to implement pilot of NRC and CAA in Assam state, where anti-caa protest were already happening for last 4 decades. And it backfired. Assam people don't care about religion; they just don't any outsider to come to their land regardless of religion. And so, continuous protests for 2 months, which govt. failed to suppress and it backfired even after media/internet blackouts for weeks. And when assam people experienced no-internet, they could relate to Kashmir people.
  • After Assam citizenship bill, Nationwide citizenship amendment bill was passed, and that hit not only hit muslims, but whole intellectual class of the country, even a score of non-muslims, as an attack on secularism and constitution.
  • And guess what, the young intellectual class, the students, the took upon the responsibility to spearhead the protest which had already shown signs of it getting converted from protest to revolution.
  • Govt. tried to suppress student protests with police power, another mistake I would say. It eventually made them even stronger.

Now all that divided the country on 3 sections, viz. One supporting CAA and NRC, one against it and remaining passively not participating. And thereby the clashes in groups. Situation is "currently seen" less lethal than riot, but "foreseen" more lethal than riots. And worse is that govt., for whatever reasons, is supporting one group and other parties/groups, for their vested interests is supporting another groups.

For last 2 months 25+ people are dead, hundreds injured, clashes all around, even capital Delhi has seen days of no-internet and telecom blackout for the first time, and no possibility of this stopping in near future. That's where all Civil Wars start!

Right now, when I am writing this, there's already bloody clashes happening in national capital Delhi's prestigious university Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), where masked miscreants claimed to be pro-CAA members of ABVP (student wing of BJP) entered campus and hostel of JNU with rods and hammers and hit JNU Student Union president and even professors including well known professor Sucharita Sen


  1. This article doesn't explain any depth of things like CAA, NRC etc., but you can find ample resource regarding them on google etc..
  2. Any inclination towards one party should be considered as personal viewpoints and must not be seen as any facts or rigid.
  3. Pardon me for any obvious mistakes.


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