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What are some of the best sites for reading news in India?

We know that there are so many online newspapers in India. Each newspaper is different from their shared news. Many of the newspapers are under some parties. Most newspapers offers best experience for readers. So it difficult to choose.

10 months ago

Which is best accelerator program for startups?

There are number of accelerator programs available for startup now to help them with capital as well as other important resources with important links and network. But everything come with a cost. Which startup accelerator program is best according to you?

10 months ago

"Upper-caste Hindus are the richest in India, owning 41% of total assets" - What should better be done to solve inequality?

Is the booming Indian economy breeding inequality?
Only 22.3 per cent of the country’s higher caste Hindus own 41 per cent of the country’s total wealth and form the richest group, whereas 7.8 per cent of Hindu Scheduled Tribes own only 3.7 per cent, or the lowest wealth share of the country’s assets, finds a study jointly undertaken by the Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU), Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and Indian Institute of Dalit Studies.


11 months ago

Which text editor is the best on macos?

Coming from windows background, where notepad++ was kinda basic text editor, I miss it on mac.

12 months ago

London Underground to start tracking all phones using Wi-Fi starting in July. Don't they violate GDPR of European Union?

Starting on July 8th, Transport for London (TfL) will start tracking passengers’ phones on the London Underground by default. Wi-Fi access points across 260 of the capital’s stations will track customers using their phones’ MAC addresses, which will allow TfL to see the routes they take through the network as well as through individual stations as they move from platform to platform.

Sachin Mudgal
about 1 year ago

How shall sanctions on Huawei by US Govt. affect around the world?

On June 16, 2019, the US Department of Commerce added Huawei to a list of companies considered a threat to US national security, meaning it would need permission to acquire US technology. Soon chipmakers like Intel and Broadcom reportedly stopped selling to Huawei, and Google pulled the company's licenses for key mobile applications like Gmail and the Google Play app store.

Sachin Mudgal
about 1 year ago

Should EVMs be removed from election process?

After all this controversy happening around EVMs. Should they be removed at all from the procedure? After all elections also happened before EVMs.

about 1 year ago

Amazing track record of PM Modi...Does he deserves to be elected PM again?

Modi took birth twice – first on 29th August 1949 and second on 17th September 1950.

Modi started selling tea at the age of 6 years. In 2014 election campaign, he was told to have sold tea in front of Sangh’s office. After the 2014 campaign, he was told to have sold tea at Vadnagar railway station.

Modi, who was born in 1950, sold tea at the age of 6 years in Vadnagar railway station, But Vadnagar railway station was built in 1973, when Modi was 23 years old.

Modi was married at the age of 18 years and left his wife after 2 years of marriage. So when did he sell tea and where?

Modi in his election affidavit in 2014 stated on oath that he was unmarried. In the 2019 affidavit, he stated he was married.

It is said Modi left home at the age of 18 years, whereas his brother Prahald Modi says he ran away from home after stealing family’s jewelry because of which his father died of shock and a FIR was registered against him in Vadnagar police station.

Modi left home at the age of 20 years and begged for 35 years. Still he did his class 10th and 12th from Vadnagar and graduation from Delhi University.

Modi was MA first class, BA third class. Still he failed in 12th class and had left the education after class 8th.

Modi was underground during emergency but did his graduation from Delhi University in 1978.

Modi did Masters of Entire Political Science from Gujarat University in 1983 without the graduation certificate from Delhi University.

Modi is the only person in the world who has Masters’ Degree in the Entire Political Science. Even Professors of Gujarat University came to know of this course after 2014.

Modi took admission in the Masters’ of Entire Political Science degree alone, gave the exam alone, and took the degree alone. So far, no student or professor has claimed to have studied with Modi.

Even before the introduction of computers in India, Modi’s degree was printed by a computer.

Before Modi’s degree in 1978 and even 10 years thereafter, degrees were hand written by the University staff.

The font that was patented by Microsoft in 1992, was used to print Modi’s degree in 1978.

Modi’ degree was printed on a Sunday, when offices were closed.

We voted him for PM’s post in 2014 because we didn’t know all this. Now we know.

He has hardly delivered any of his promises made in 2014.

Does he deserves to be elected PM again?

about 1 year ago